Should You Apply In Person?

I’m going to NYC next week to visit a friend, and while there I was thinking of visiting some production companies in person to find out about any positions they may have open and to ask if I can give them my resume. Is going in person a bad approach? I’ve been applying to lots of jobs there online and haven’t heard anything back. I live in Virginia and have been using that address. Should I be using my friend’s NYC address? I know you’ve said to always use an LA address for jobs out there.


1. I don’t think applying in person is a bad approach, but it is unusual, so you might get some odd looks.

2. Yes, you should use a NYC address. Most Coordinators hire locals.

P.S. Revenge is back Sun. Sept. 30. If Victoria Grayson is dead, Kelley is going to find me waiting for him in his office…

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