Which Shows Should You Apply To?

A reader asks:

So I have been calling a lot of studios and following up with my resume. A lot of them keep telling me they are fully staffed. I know on occasion they will need Day PA for bigger shoots which is what I’m hoping they will then call me for. Do you think I am better off trying to focus on stuff that is in Active Development? It’s hard to determine in the projects that are just in development how far along they are to know if they are even hiring at the time. I’m just trying to figure out the best way to increase my odds of getting a call back.

Thanks for your help!

My advice: Apply to shows in Pre-Production and Production. Here’s a breakdown of the terms:

PRODUCTION: The show is currently shooting.

PRE-PRODUCTION: The show is currently hiring assistants, writers, and crew, and will begin shooting in approx. 6 wks.

ACTIVE DEVELOPMENT and DEVELOPMENT: Can mean anything from the show is still being written to the show has a star but not a script. Either way, they’re not hiring assistants yet.

WRAP: The show just finished shooting their current season. The actors and writers are done, but the assistants are “wrapping up” — packing up the office and preparing for hiatus.

HIATUS: The show is between seasons, and the production office is shut down. Think of it like summer break.

P.S. As some of you may have heard, Nick’s Victorious has been cancelled. (The hubs is now working on Gibby — the iCarly spinoff.) His voicemail is full of messages from enraged 11-year-old girls who are livid over the cancellation. If I didn’t think Nick would sue me, I would post them for you to enjoy. A-ma-zing. Eleven-year-olds are vicious.

2 thoughts on “Which Shows Should You Apply To?”

  1. I would also say the earlier you can catch a show in pre-production the better. Especially if the production office is just opening up, they might need an office PA/Runner. I know a few times we have had people walk in right as we are setting up, and we put them to work that week.


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