How Much Does It Cost To Move To LA?

I’ve been really enjoying this blog. I recently graduated from college and I’m saving up some cushion cash so that I can hopefully relocate to Los Angeles by the end of the summer. I have two quick questions:

1. I’m still confused as to how much money should be saved prior to moving. I’ve talked with some people who say save enough to expect 6 months of unemployment, and I’ve heard others say to save just $1500 to $2000. I have some friends who’s couch I can crash on temporarily once I’m out there, but regardless, what do you think is an exact figure of what I should save???

2. I’ve written one feature-length screenplay and I’m going to work on a second this summer. These are just first drafts subject to some rewrites, but I do have one or two connections in LA that maybe able to read it. The thing is I’m only 21. Based on your experience, would you say that I will automatically be dismissed by industry-types due to my young age??

Thanks again for all the helpful info on this site!

1. $4000 – $5000 TOTAL.

You’ll need $1500 to $2000 in cash just to get into an apartment; most landlords require first and last month’s rent as a deposit.

In addition, you’ll need $2000 – $3000 in cash or credit to get by until you land a job. It can take up to a year to land an industry job, but if you’re willing to work a non-industry job in the meantime, you can land something within a couple of months.

Here’s a list of average monthly expenses.

2. As far as your age — not a factor.

Best of luck!

4 thoughts on “How Much Does It Cost To Move To LA?”

  1. Actually, your age may work in your favor. Hollywood is “young” business – it is more often the aged and decrepit [anyone over 35🙂 ] that run into age discrimination. Go for it!

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