Moving to LA? Here’s A List Of Great Neighborhoods

I’m getting ready to move to LA. I’ve narrowed it down to:

Echo Park
Silver Lake
Korea Town
Hollywood East/West
Studio City
Valley Village
Sherman Oaks
and North Hollywood

Are there any places you have strong feelings for or against?

The good news is, all of these neighborhoods are well located for working on lots. Studio City, Valley Village, and Sherman Oaks are great. I’m not all that familiar with the other neighborhoods, so I asked the hubs for his advice:

Echo Park
Not bad, but a little edgy. Fine for a guy. Artsy. Close to Dodger Stadium.

Silver Lake
Super artsy, cool, lots of young people like it.

Korea Town
I wouldn’t recommend it to all but the most seasoned city dweller. Like if you were coming from three years in Brooklyn, you could live there.

Hollywood East/West
West Hollywood is great. East Hollywood is pretty sketchy, but really depends on the block.

North Hollywood

What neighborhoods do you recommend?

2 thoughts on “Moving to LA? Here’s A List Of Great Neighborhoods”

  1. I recommend the Miracle Mile area. Nice and very affordable. Plus you’re right in the middle of town. I’ve worked in both Burbank and Culver City and neither too longer than a thirty minute drive to get to work.

  2. I would recommend the Santa Monica area. You\’re close to the beach and near great restaurants and shops. I would stay away from the Koreatown area it can get sketchy at times.


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