How To Find Jobs In Film

A reader emails:

I have been a huge follower of your site. I am from Australia.

I am moving to the US and have landed interviews in NY with CBS (I interned with them in 2010) and Paramount in LA.

I have a full understanding of how everything works within CBS. However, I was wondering if you have a website or a guide for jobs available within film studios? Should I be looking at just PA roles or is there marketing, production etc?

I have been working for MTV in Australia and my knowledge of film jobs isn’t as substantive as I would like.

The website is amazing – it really is a huge help!

First of all, congratulations on your interviews!

Regarding film studio jobs: There are definitely jobs available in marketing, production, etc. Applying to a film studio is generally a more formal process than applying for a PA job on an actual film. You have to go through human resources.

The best way to hear about a studio job is to a) know someone who works there or b) work there yourself. A lot of jobs openings are advertised internally to assistants who already work for the company. Sometimes you have to get an entry-level or temp job first and then move into the position you really want.

Every once in a while, studio jobs will be announced on the UTA Job List. But most of the time, unless you have a connection, the best place to start is with the studio’s website. Here are a few examples:

20th Century Fox:
Universal Pictures:

Best of luck!


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