Why Every Writer Should Have A Website


A few months ago, I changed agents and managers. Nowadays, you don’t have just one agent or manager, you have a team. Four or five people are calling executives on your behalf, and most of them have only met you once or twice. It’s important for them to have access to your bio and writing samples so the info can be fresh in their minds when they make the call. It’s impossible for them to remember the details of every single one of their clients.

Here’s a link to my current portfolio website. It has my bio, resume, and loglines and commentary for each of my writing samples. It’s not a good idea to post your actual scripts online, but posting a logline is fine. If you’re paranoid about having your idea stolen — trust me, at least five other people have already pitched and/or sold a similar concept. Don’t worry about it.

Do you have a portfolio website? Have you found it to be helpful?

P.S. Did you all see Batman? Like? Dislike?

2 thoughts on “Why Every Writer Should Have A Website”

  1. My current website is a webcomic, but since I’ve been focusing much more on writing lately I’ve been thinking of adding a section for writing samples. I wonder whether having my “professional” writerly materials on the same site as a comic strip would seem unprofessional or like an interesting “hook” of sorts. Probably depends on if the comics are good…


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