How Many Interviews Did Your Job Require?

I’ve never interviewed more than once for an industry job. PA, EP assistant, staff writer — one interview. But lately, I’ve heard more and more assistants talk about their interview process — two and/or three interviews, group interviews, trial periods, etc.

I’m curious, how many times did you have to interview for your current job? Please share!

4 thoughts on “How Many Interviews Did Your Job Require?”

  1. I’ve only ever had one interview for industry jobs. That’s including ones I did and didn’t get. Sometimes, no interview at all if I was recommended by someone else for a PA gig! I have an interview tomorrow so we’ll see if the case remains the same.

  2. Pretty much every time I have had to interview for a position it has only been one interview. But now, most of the time, I get calls from people I know to come work and there is no interview. It is simply an “are you available” phone call or email and then, if yes, just telling me when I start and where.

    I think the only time I interviewed more than once for a job was for an office PA position for a show in Austin. Several phone interviews. But, after all those interviews the rate had never come up. And when I asked what it was they said there was no pay. I told them then I wasn’t going to do it. They seemed shocked that i would turn them down.

    And when we interview folks for in the production office, it is only one interview. We don’t have time to call people back and interview them again.

  3. I just got hired at an agency, and I interviewed with five people total before they offered me the job. It was an intimidating process, but I think beneficial because the more people I met, the better feel I got for the environment of the agency.


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