Are Query Letters A Waste Of Time?

Hands of Businesswoman Using Laptop

A reader asks:

I was hoping to get your thoughts in regarding getting an Agent or Manager to even accept a query letter submission. I’ve done a lot of research to recognize that the best option in contacting an agent/manager is through personal contacts, hoping they may know someone who knows someone. I have limited contacts myself but am making an effort to get out there and network with more people.

At this point, I am just collecting rejection letters and SASE’s from agencies and management companies I’ve queried to. They have not been wanting to read the queries, stating them as Unsolicited Materials. I also recognize that sending queries out to the Big 4 agencies is a waste of time and money at this point and am focusing more on mid to lower companies. Is sending out query letters with the industry as is, a waste of time or do you recommend I keep plugging away with query submissions, hoping to catch something?

The truth is, most agencies and managers do not read queries or unsolicited material, so I do think it’s a waste of time and money. The best way to land representation is through a connection.

The one thing you can do is submit your materials to writing programs and contests. There are TONS of programs out there, but here are the ones that the industry respects and recommends:


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