Send Your Resume To The Production OFFICE, not the Production COMPANY

It’s pilot staffing season! Time for questions about applying for PA jobs.

I moved to Los Angeles from Tucson, AZ back in September and have been actively searching for opportunities to get my foot in the door for PA work for Film or Television projects. I have limited contacts and the contacts I do have, do not have anything currently lined up. I have also cold-called a variety of production companies with no luck at this time, many saying they are fully staffed or to call back at a later time. I did notice some posts in which you mention contacting a Production Coordinator or an Assistant Director for projects. Perhaps I can try to contact these production companies once again and instead of speaking with a receptionist, inquire about getting in contact with one of these contacts? I figure I will not be directed right to them, but perhaps some additional information regarding PA work can turn up as a result. Any additional advice or industry contacts you may have in regards to a possible PA opportunity would be much appreciated.

You want to contact the production OFFICE, as opposed to the production COMPANY. Every TV show has a separate production office; phone numbers can be found in production listings like Below The Line. You can also call the studio (ex. ABC Studios; CBS Studios) and ask for the number.

Don’t ask to speak with the Production Coordinator [POC] or Assistant Director [AD]; they’ll be busy. A PA will answer the phone; simply tell them you’d like to send in your resume and ask for the appropriate fax number/email address.

For more information, check out this post:

2 thoughts on “Send Your Resume To The Production OFFICE, not the Production COMPANY”

  1. Hello Hollywood U,

    Thanks so much for the wealth of info you provide for people like me who are trying to break into the industry whatever way they can. I have one question for you: When I’m applying to motion pictures vs television, should I still be ATTNing my information to the production coordinator?

    Thanks again,


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