Deadlines for 2012-2013 Television Writing Programs and Contests

ABC Daytime Writer Development Program: Applications to this program are accepted year-round. Offers candidates an opportunity to develop the skills essential to writing for scripted daytime television. The program seeks writers who excel in creating emotionally rich relationship and character-driven content. Familiarity with the series’ history, storylines and characters of All My Children, One Life to Live and General Hospital is suggested, but not required. Program duration is determined on a case-by-case basis. Open to all individuals; however, experienced television writers or candidates with a strong writing background in another medium are preferred.

CBS Diversity Institute’s Writers Mentoring Program: Applications accepted March 1, 2012 – May 1, 2011. Post mark no later than MAY 1, 2012. A six-month program offering mentoring and networking opportunities for African American writers. Must be 21 or older to be eligible.

David & Lynn Angell Student Comedy Fellowship: Deadline for Fellowship submissions is May 15 of the award year. The fellowship was created to honor David and Lynn Angell. David was a prolific writer and producer, beginning his career on the staff of Paramount’s Cheers and going on to co-create Wings and Frasier. Lynn provided the opportunity for David to pursue writing. She supported his efforts by working as an educator and librarian. The Angells were aboard Flight #11, the first plane to hit the World Trade Center on September 11, 2001. Submissions for the David & Lynn Angell Student Comedy Fellowship are submitted through universities only. For more information, contact your school or The HUMANITAS Prize.

Disney | ABC Television Writing Fellowship: Check the program’s homepage for submission dates. Designed to expose aspiring writers to key executives, producers and literary representatives – all essential in the pursuit of a writing career. Additionally, while in the program, fellows have the opportunity to work one-on-one with a current programming or development executive to create spec scripts of series from the current broadcast season. The ultimate goal is to prepare and nurture the fellows for a writing career. Fellows become employees of Disney | ABC Television Group and will be paid a weekly salary of $961.54 ($50,000.00 annualized) plus any applicable benefits for which they are eligible in accordance with the then-current Company benefits plans.

Fox Writer’s Intensive: FWI is for trained writers and/or previously staffed writers who have a strong command of their craft and who are deeply committed to pursuing that craft as their profession. Submission period for 2013 TBD. The Intensive is designed to introduce experienced writers with unique voices, backgrounds, life and professional experiences that reflect the diverse perspectives of the audiences we create for to a wide range of Fox staff writers, showrunners, directors, screenwriters and creative executives. These collective individuals will work with the selected writers to build on both their general craft and the business of writing for television, feature films and digital content with an added goal of creating a viable resource of experienced staffing opportunities. Please note that while employment cannot be guaranteed, every aspect of the initiative is designed with a goal — to provide the accepted writers with intensive creative and professional development and exposure that would best equip him or her to succeed at Fox.

Selected writers will be engaged in interactive guest-speaker sessions with established writers, showrunners and directors to discuss case studies of their films and/or television series, gain an insider view of their career trajectory, as well as an analysis of their writing processes. These interactive sessions will endeavor to propel each selected writer to elevate their specific medium through the development of their submitted original script(s) and the creation of new scripts as writing samples. FWI will also include seminars and workshops with Film Independent and Writer’s Bootcamp, during which writers will have the opportunity to receive expert and detailed feedback on their submitted original television and/or feature script(s), as well as pointed guidance on how to best engage and continue to thrive as an experienced, multi-platform writer in the merging creative landscape of the entertainment and media business.

Fox Writer’s Residency: Submission period TBD. The Fox Writer’s Residency is a program for new and emerging writers with diverse voices and life experiences. New writers in the program will develop their original feature and/or television script(s), be exposed to a wide range of Fox writers, writer’s assistants, creative executives, directors and showrunners and participate in a series of initiatives through Fox Writer’s Residency customized sessions focusing on the development processes, development of original scripts, as well as the business of writing. In partnership with Film Independent, Fox and a steering committee comprised of seasoned writers and producers will select up to ten (10) writers for this six (6) month program targeted to launch in Fall of 2012. This program will seek to cross-pollinate talent across all Fox Group units, including TV, film and digital.

HUMANITAS Student Drama Fellowship: Deadline for Fellowship submissions is May 15 of the award year. The HUMANITAS Student Drama Fellowship is awarded annually to an individual who is completing an undergraduate or graduate writing program. It is a goal of the fellowship to nurture writers who can create television programs that are both rich in values and commercially successful. Submissions for the Student Drama Fellowship are submitted through universities only. For more information, contact your school or The HUMANITAS Prize.

Institute of American Indian Arts (IAIA) Summer Television & Film Workshop: Deadline for submissions is typically late March or early April. Please call the Program Director (505) 424-5716 for further information and application details. Held on the IAIA campus in Santa Fe, New Mexico, the workshop is designed to assist novice and experienced Native American television writers and filmmakers. The program also brings executives, producers, screenwriters, directors and actors, both Native and non-Native, from the mainstream television and film world to work with the selected students. Sponsored by Disney|ABC Television Group.

National Hispanic Media Coslition (NHMC) Latino Television Writers Program: Deadline for submissions is typically late August to early September. Please visit for further information and application details. A five-week, Los Angeles-based, intensive program which takes place in November and December, offering participants have the opportunity to develop at least one television spec script under the guidance of an entertainment industry professional. Writers accepted into the program will have the opportunity to build relationships with broadcast network executives.

NBC Diversity Initiative For Writers: Though submissions are read on an ongoing basis, positions are generally filled during the March – June staffing season. To further encourage diversity among writing staffs, NBC provides funding for a diverse Staff Writer position, open to all scripted NBC Primetime Series. These positions are filled with writers selected and hired by the Showrunner/Producers of each show, with the guidance of the network and studio(s). Many sources feed the pool from which these staff writers are selected, including agency submissions, fellowships and external writer programs. The NBC Diversity Initiative for Writers also provides writers the opportunity to be read and evaluated by NBC through the an application process, and this may open the door to a future relationship with NBC. Though submissions are read on an ongoing basis, positions are generally filled during the March – June staffing season.

Nickelodeon Writing Fellowship: Applications accepted between January 2, 2012 and February 28, 2012. Designed to attract, develop, and staff writers with diverse backgrounds and experiences on Nickelodeon Network productions. The fellowship provides a salaried position for up to one year and offers hands-on experience writing spec scripts and offering story ideas in both live action and animated television; allows fellows the opportunity to nurture relationships with creators, network executives, line producers, head writers, show runners, and story editors. Each fellow will be assigned to an Executive in Charge of Production and have an opportunity to write a spec script for an on-air Nickelodeon show. Fellows are allowed to attend story board pitches, notes meetings, records, table reads, show pitches and show tapings, all while being exposed to top creators and key production crews.

The Guy A. Hanks and Marvin Miller Screenwriting Program: Must be postmarked between July 15th to September 15th of the current year. Applications must be received by mail. Walk-in applications will not be accepted. Established by Drs. Bill and Camille Cosby. A 15-week workshop designed to assist writers in the completion of a film or television script and deepen the participants appreciation for and comprehension of African American history and culture. Note: Seeking intermediate and advanced level writers who have formally studied feature or television writing. Not suitable for novice writers.

Warner Bros. Television Writers’ Workshop: The 2011 Writers’ Workshop will be open for applications May 1- June 1, 2012. Every year, the Workshop selects up to 10 participants out of almost 1,000 submissions and exposes them to Warner Bros. Television’s top writers and executives, all with the ultimate goal of earning them a staff position on a Warner Bros. produced television show.

WGA’s Writer’s Access Project: For Mid-Level Diverse Writers.The Writer Access Project will resume in September 2012 with a call for submissions for the 2012-2013 television season. Submission requirements and procedures will be posted on the website no later than August 2012. The mission of the Writer Access Project (“Project”) is to identify excellent diverse writers in order to provide a hiring resource for television writer-producers. WGAW members who meet the criteria for participation below are invited to submit one piece of literary material: one spec script for a television series in first run on either network or cable as of August 23, 2010 OR one original spec pilot teleplay, in either the half-hour or one-hour format.

It is our hope that the Project will provide increased access to WGAW members from groups that have been historically underemployed in television and will also be of benefit to showrunners and other executives who are staffing television shows by creating a strong pool of diverse candidates for their hiring consideration.

Writers On the Verge: Submission Period: TBD. Applications and questions should be submitted to A 10-week program focused on polishing writers and readying them for a staff writer position on a television series. Writers are given the chance to interact with industry players ranging from network executives to showrunners to agents, and receive valuable feedback on their work and pitch style. Writing assignments on a NBC television show may be available after successful completion of the program, but are not a guarantee. Seeking writers who are “almost there,” but need that final bit of preparation with their writing and personal presentation skills. Writers of diverse backgrounds encouraged to apply. concentrate on creating an exceptional spec script and understanding the dynamics of pitching oneself in the television industry.


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