Telluride Film Festival Looking for Submissions, PAs, and Volunteers


Telluride Film Festival’s Submission Period is now open.

Shorts and student film submissions must be received no later than 5:00 pm, July 1, 2011. Feature film submissions must be received no later than 5:00 pm, July 15, 2011. All submissions must have been completed after July 15, 2010 and no works in progress will be accepted. Feature-length films (60 minutes or longer) will only be considered if they are to have their first North American screening at Telluride Film Festival. Final program determinations will be made by August 1, 2010. No early or late entries will be accepted.

Professional and amateur filmmakers working in all aesthetic disciplines and genres including narrative, documentary, animation and experimental are welcome.

Each year the four-day Telluride Film Festival (taking place this year September 2-5, 2011) plays host to an average of 24 feature films and 25 shorts and student films. Films selected to screen at Telluride Film Festival will be shown out-of-competition. TFF is not a competitive festival.

For all submission regulations and to download the 2011 Film Entry Form, click here.


Sure, there’s the pleasure of rubbing shoulders with the film elite. But plenty of elbow grease goes into producing the four-day Telluride Film Festival. Our hard-working, problem-solving, movie-loving, people-pleasing, get-your-hands-dirty group of dedicated volunteers and staff are known as SHOWCorps. Corps is defined as: an organized body of people acting together – and that is exactly what we are! SHOWCorps is the nuts and bolts of the Festival; we literally could not do it without our team. What kind of talents can we use? Carpenters to build benches. Ushers to finesse the crowds. Food servers to nourish hungry souls. Muscles to haul gear. Your first step is to apply – we’ll figure out where to harness your talents.

There a couple of ways to get on board:

STAFF: We require our staff to work 30+/- hours over the course of the 4 days of the Festival as well as the few days before and after. In exchange, our staff receives a Festival pass, admission to some of the Festival special events, great Festival schwag, and of course the fun that comes with working with great people.

Although positions are offered first to returning staff members, we welcome applications from new candidates. The decision to accept and assign staff depends on dates of availability, specific skills and overall enthusiasm for working long hours with a smile.

For those who want the fullest ‘behind-the-scenes’ adventure, we select 8-10 eager applicants as Production Apprentices for an intensive month of preparation in Telluride. Remember the elementary school gym that transforms into a galactic movie palace? That takes many hands and long hours. Carpentry, rigging, painting and other production skills — apprentices acquire a real hands-on view of assembling a world-class event from the ground up. More information and the Production Apprentice Application Form are available below.

The Telluride Film Festival is also looking for a Computer Science Intern (Production Apprentices) over a period of 7 weeks starting August 1st. The intern will help set up, maintain and break down computer networks in multiple locations as well as help with a variety of staff computer needs. The applicant will be working under the direction of the Festival’s I.T. Manager and the Production Dept. When not needed to do work for the I.T. Manager the intern will work with other P.A.’s on a variety of tasks. The Telluride Film Festival operates on mostly Macintosh systems and familiarity with troubleshooting Mac systems is an important qualifier. The applicant should also be prepared to train and educate others. Applicants should be able to trouble shoot network problems and a variety of system issues.

To qualify, we prefer the PA be able to commit to seven weeks of work.

The PA must arrive ready to work on Monday, August 1st by 8AM and work through Friday, September 9th, 2011 till 5PM. Like other volunteers, the Production Apprentice will not be compensated monetarily during the 4-day festival itself, but receive a Festival pass and privileges in exchange for time working during the Festival weekend.

VOLUNTEER: In addition to the 30+/- hour full staff option, it is also possible to volunteer for the Festival, working less than the full staff option (usually about 15 hours). Volunteering in this category ranges from helping out answering the phones to catering our events to serving food in our staff clubhouse and more. For each 3-hour shift, volunteers receive one ticket for showings at our big 3 venues: the Chuck Jones Cinema, the Galaxy and the Palm Theater.

Past volunteers get first crack at positions for the next Festival. Be warned: that leaves few spots for newcomers. First-time workers are primarily chosen by matching your skills to our needs. Help your cause by applying early. Witness the charm of a unique film event while contributing the sweat that pulls it off. Volunteer. As Mickey Rooney and Judy Garland exclaimed: “Let’s put on a show!”

Volunteer Application Forms and Production Apprentice Application Forms may be downloaded here.

For more information, visit


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