How Much Do Hollywood Assistants Make?

I wrote the following post several months ago, but I wanted to repost it with updated salary info.

How much do Hollywood assistants make?

Like everything in Hollywood, it depends. It depends on your prior experience; how many years you’ve been with the show; how many years the show has been on the air. It depends whether it’s a pilot or a series (pilots often pay less) and whether it’s network or cable (network often pays more). Some assistants are paid hourly, some get built-in overtime, and some are are on salary. Some shows offer benefits; some do not. But almost every show reimburses mileage, meaning you are paid a certain amount of money for every mile you drive on behalf of the show (delivering scripts, picking up lunch, etc.), and that money adds up. When I was a PA (five years ago) I was paid $525/wk before taxes. However, once my mileage was added in, I cleared over $525.

Obviously, it’s impossible for me to tell you exactly what you’ll be making if you’re hired as an assistant; I can only provide you with the information I’ve collected from assistants I know who are currently working in the industry. And please, if you have any information to add, leave a comment on this post.

Production Assistants (PAs): $560 to $650 per week

Producer’s/Showrunner’s Assistants: $650 to $800 per week

Writer’s Assistants: $650 – $850 per week

Script Coordinator: $800 – $1000 per week

Network/Studio Assistants: $700 to $850 per week

Agency Assistants: $25,000 to $45,000 per year

Current Mileage Rates: $.50 to $.55 per mile


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