There is Nothing New about Woody Allen’s Wonder Wheel

Wonder Wheel by Woody Allen was one of the most anticipated closing night presentations at the 55th New York Film Festival. The presentation started with Justin Timberlake who is enacting the role of a Coney Island Lifeguard of 1950s named Mickey Rubin. He is seen addressing the camera and saying that he wishes to become a major American dramatist, someone like Eugene O’ Neil.

This hints that the story of the movie is going to be a melodrama that is going to be larger than life with strong metaphors and characters. It looks like the script of the movie has been inspired from some old cabinet file because there is nothing new.

Kate Winslet plays the character of Ginny who has bedraggled hair. She is an ex-wife of the carousel operator named Humpty and is in deep pain. The character of Humpty is played by James Belushi.

She actually works as a waitress at Ruby’s Clam House which is situated on the broadwalk. She has an affair with Mickey and tells him that she does not actually work as a waitress, but is playing a role of a waitress.

Her husband has often complained that she watches way too many movies and this gives the audience the idea that if the movie Wonder Wheels is watched through the window of their apartment, then it is similar to one of the metaphors used by Mickey that represents the Ginny’ s longing for transcendence.

Her character is similar to the character of the wife played by Mia Furrow in The Purple Rose of Cairo. The only difference is that Ginny’s character is louder and has several monologues.

Overall the movie fails to strike a chord of uniqueness in its plot and when you watch the movie, you will feel like you are watching a same old story line.