Taylor Swift’s Relationship with Joe Alwyn

Taylor Swift, who is the heartthrob of millions of fans around the world, seems to be dating 26-year old Alwyn. Recently, she released her new song “Gorgeous”. She appears to be smitten by the beauty and love-struck by her lover. It’s very clear from her latest song that she is talking about her current boyfriend, Joe Alwyn in the song.

The third song from her upcoming album also got unveiled this Friday, hours after Swift teased sneak-peeks on social media. Many of her fans and followers on social media speculated that Alwyn was the inspiration behind “Ready for It” song. And when it comes to “Gorgeous” song, it’s quite clear that this song is about the romance between Taylor Swift and her English actor boyfriend.

The lyrics of the song are fantastic. “You’re so gorgeous/ I can’t say anything to your face/ Cause look at your face/ And I’m so furious/ At you for making me feel this way/ But what can I say?/ You’re gorgeous.”

The Grammy winner song also mentions “ocean blue eyes”, which coincidently is the same color as Alwyn’s eyes. “Ocean blue eyes looking in mine/ I feel like I might sink and drown and die,” she sings.

There are a lot of lines in the song that give clear indication about Swift’s new boyfriend. Here’s another line: “You make me so happy it turns back to sad/ There’s nothing I hate more than what I can’t have.”

Earlier, people thought it was a rumor, but later People magazine confirmed about their relationship. Since the last couple of months, she was entirely out of the spotlight. It seems that she was secretly dating her boyfriend.