Emma Roberts Was the Reason behind Hayden Christensen and Rachel Bilson’s Split 

This week, a source confirmed that it was Emma Roberts because of whom Rachel Bilson and Hayden Christensen got apart.

According to the report, Bilson came across some text messages between Christensen and Emma, which made her confirm that the relationship between them is not fine.

As per US Weekly report, the love birds Bilson and Christensen were together for 10 years before they split. The beautiful actress is back to L.A., while Hayden is at Toronto as of now. They dated each other for years

In the year 2008, Bilson and Christensen met for the first time on the sets of the movie Jumper. And by the year end, they got engaged. They have a two year old daughter by the name of Briar.

As per recent news, on 7th of September in New York, Bilson and Roberts attended 29 Rooms opening night together, but both arrived at the venue several hours apart, which clearly shows that the relation between them is not good at all.

Talking about Bilson and Christensen, they had a strong bonding and kept their personal life away from mass media all the time. In fact, Bilson had revealed in one of her interviews with Cosmopolitan that she loves to cook food and usually used to make dinner for Christensen. They used to eat food together and watch movies too.

On the other hand, Emma Roberts is known for her off-and-on relationship with Evan Peters. They both dated each other for a year and a half and then got engaged in the year 2013, but by June 2015 they broke the engagement.

Once again, the duo reunited in the same year and by May 2016, they chose their own way, but destiny once again gave them a chance in November 2016.