My New Favorite App — EVERNOTE

In the past, my writing partner and I have simply used Gmail and Google Drive to organize our research.  But recently we (she) discovered Evernote, and we love it!  It’s a wonderful way to organize, share, and search our notes, not mention the desktop version syncs with my phone and ipad.

Click here to learn more about Evernote.

I’m curious, what apps do you recommend for writing teams? 




Should You List Professors as References?

No.  Here’s the harsh truth — potential employers in this industry don’t care about your grades or essay writing skills.  They want to know if you’re a good employee.

Do you show up on time or are you chronically late?  Do you follow directions?  Do you take initiative? Are you well-liked by fellow employees? How do you deal with difficult customers?

References should be former bosses or supervisors, not teachers.

Click here for more information about references.


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