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If you’re a day over 30, I truly believe it’s a crime for you to ask your friends to help you move. I recently received a lovely email from Jacklyn at about a resource perfect for you Los Angelenos who need help moving.

Full-service moving companies can be ultra expensive, while DIY moving is time-consuming and stressful. A growing trend in moving is allowing for every-day people with normal-sized budgets to enjoy the best of both worlds– hybrid moving. Through hybrid moving, individuals can pack up and rent their own truck or shipping container on their own, then hire moving help to load/unload separately, making the process go by smoother than DIY, and cheaper than full-service. 

One website making the hybrid-move accessible to individuals moving to or within the L.A. region is Search for movers in their L.A. marketplace and sort by either consumer review or price.  To learn more about the hybrid-moving, please check out their Moving 101 resource.

Webseries: Cam Girls

My friends Joelle Garfinkle, Kate Bond, and David Slack recently created a web series: CAM GIRLS.

CAM GIRLS is a fun, soapy web series about women who make money stripping on the internet. The first season follows Liv (Kate Bond), an out-of-work school teacher, as she confronts her own prejudices—and curiosity—about sex work and the women who engage in it. Escorting Liv on her journey through the looking glass are her best friend, Nikki (Annie Ruby), whose failing marriage comes with some intrigue of its own, and the mysterious, alluring Alexa (Sarah Schreiber), a powerful businesswoman with a walk-in closet full of secrets.

The series explores sex and relationships in the digital age, and how the proliferation of porn has affected women. Is it safer to strip online than in a club? Is sex work empowering or does monetizing one’s sexuality cheapen it? Can we ever be truly anonymous online? As Liv struggles to navigate in this confusing new world, she learns that nothing is as it seemed within her previously sheltered existence.

Inspired by true events, CAM GIRLS is from Executive Producer and Director David Slack (Person of Interest, Lie to Me, Law & Order) and Writer/Creator Joelle Garfinkel.

Visit CAMGIRLSTHESERIES.COM to watch full episodes and read about Joelle’s inspiration for the script. Be sure to the check out the press on the show, as well as Kate’s article, Why I Produce And Star In A Webseries Called ‘Cam Girls’ on

Attention First Time Staff Writers


Saturday, June 20, 10AM – 4PM

WGAW, 7000 W. Third Street, Los Angeles, CA 90048

A one day seminar designed to give first time Staff Writers a crash course in the skills necessary for success in their new profession. The seminar is taught by current Writer/Producers of some of the biggest shows on television. Topics to be covered include: How to come prepared to the Writers Room, Story Pages and Outlines, Prep, Producing on-set, the Post-Production process and many others.

RSVP: with “Bootcamp” in the subject line.

Please e-mail the TV Digital department at: with questions about eligibility for program.

Short Film: KATIE

The amazing Nathan Gotsch has a short film — KATIE — at this year’s Vancouver International Film Festival!

Fleeing a bad home life, a desperate adolescent girl gets caught up in the cruel and manipulative world of the underaged sex trade. Inspired by actual events.

Congrats, Nathan!

Katie Poster

DnDnG: A Short Documentary

My friend Meredith, who worked as a PA on the Instant Mom pilot, recently produced an awesome documentary.

Johnny, Danny, Josh, and Jacob (ages 9 to 11) play Dungeons and Dragons every other weekend with a group of their friends. This group never includes girls their age. DnDnG explores the possibility that maybe, just maybe, their female friends could enjoy the game just as much as they do.

Watch it below or on a bigger screen over at vimeo.

DnDnG: A Short Documentary from Meredith Jacobson on Vimeo.

Congrats, Meredith!

My New Favorite App — EVERNOTE

In the past, my writing partner and I have simply used Gmail and Google Drive to organize our research.  But recently we (she) discovered Evernote, and we love it!  It’s a wonderful way to organize, share, and search our notes, not mention the desktop version syncs with my phone and ipad.

Click here to learn more about Evernote.

I’m curious, what apps do you recommend for writing teams? 



myTunes: Music Vault

If you need me, I’ll be watching concert footage on Music Vault, the greatest selection of exclusive live performances from legendary artists and your new favorite bands. Such as:

You’re welcome.

Looking for a Comedy Writer’s Group?

A friend of mine is putting together a comedy writer’s group to meet in North Hollywood.  If you’re interested in joining, please email me your contact info, along with a short bio and a list of your current samples, and I’ll pass it along!

My Favorite L.A. Traffic Apps

Now that we’re back to work on season 2 of The Last Ship, I’m back to experimenting with traffic apps.  My favorites are INRIX and GOOGLE MAPS, which I find much more accurate and user-friendly than Apple Maps or Sigalert.  That said, my writing partner loves SIGALERT.  And my boss swears by WAZE.

What traffic app(s) do you recommend? 

Should You List Professors as References?

No.  Here’s the harsh truth — potential employers in this industry don’t care about your grades or essay writing skills.  They want to know if you’re a good employee.

Do you show up on time or are you chronically late?  Do you follow directions?  Do you take initiative? Are you well-liked by fellow employees? How do you deal with difficult customers?

References should be former bosses or supervisors, not teachers.

Click here for more information about references.


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